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Armstrong Ceiling
Browse all Armstrong flooring styles, including hardwood flooring - from Bruce, Armstrong, and Robbins, laminate Ceiling - from Armstrong and Bruce, ceramic tile, vinyl sheet, vinyl tile and linoleum. Get installation and Ceiling care information online. For every personality there is an Armstrong Ceiling.PVC Flooring - Armstrong Ceiling - Mineral TexturesPrima Cirrus Cirrus tiles have a warm, smooth texture and offer good sound absorption Prima Dune Premier 99 In keeping with contemporary trends, Dune Premier 99 offers a crisp, finely granulated surface with virtually invisible microperforations.
Therefore, a good sound absorption is achieved when the ceiling is installed. Prima Plain The smooth white surface of Plain maximizes light reflectance for rooms featuring uplighters and indirect lighting, resulting in cost savings and increased levels of comfort. Prima Casa Casa features a microperforated surface offering both a contemporary ceiling design and good acoustical performance. Our range of Armstrong tiles is designed and manufactured under the strict supervision of domain professionals at our vendors' ends. They use hard-wearing material for making these tiles that are durable and retain their original texture. These tiles are made use of as roof tiles and floor tiles and adds to the beauty of the room where applied. This range of tiles is very cost effective and gives the value for the money spent.