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Auditorium Ceilings
We are engaged in manufacturing a range of onyx black ceiling, which is known for its greater strength, superior acoustic and thermal properties. This ceiling is recommended in specialized office areas, auditoriums, theaters, dark rooms, public buildings, educational institutions, gymnasia, retail outlets etc. Our range is available in varied sizes, width and finishes to meet the diverse choices of clients.
Mineral fiber acoustic ceiling tiles are high-density boards which are two by two feet tiles in size, they are made of mineral fiber. Trend mineral fibre acoustic ceiling tile is the answer to better acoustics whose special feature is its excellent sound absorption quality and sound attenuation. It is highly durable & cost effective and has great aesthetic value. In addition it is very easy to install and requires no extra painting/decoration post installation.

Key attributes of our range are as follow:

• High quality, high aesthetic, high NRC, ceiling tiles and panels
• Capable of absorbing 0.9 NRC sound the engineered surface aids indirect diffused lighting