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Home Theater Ceiling
The Navyug Acoustics range consists of panels made from acoustic fibreboards with lineal perforations for the avante garde look.
Acoustic Fibreboards are used for display system, home theater, auditorium, false ceiling and wall paneling. We supply perforated board made of hard board and other materials to our customers
Navyug Acoustics are available in - 2 finishes - ?L? for Melamine Laminate and ?V? for Natural Veneer. See page 2. Additional choices are in solid colours of White, Sliver and Black. - 2 types - non-FR and FR - 2 variants - 2mm grooves @ 32 or 16mm centres. The edge profile is tongue & groove for the seamless look The stock dimensions are 2430 x 288 x 16 mm with grooves of 2mm machined on the surface. Grooves of 3 and 4 mm width are also possible against orders. The back of the panels are perforated with 10mm diameter circular holes with a nonwoven fabric covering of 0.2mm for providing sound absorption via the acoustic impedance method.

Key attributes of our range are as follow:

• High quality, high aesthetic, high NRC, ceiling tiles and panels
• Capable of absorbing 0.9 NRC sound the engineered surface aids indirect diffused lighting