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TUF Bloc Ceiling Tiles,TUF Bloc Ceiling Tiles manufacturer,TUF Bloc Ceiling Tiles supplier in india
TUF Bloc Ceiling Tiles
Our organization offers a quality range of Tuf Bloc Ceiling Tiles, which has found extensive application in the construction industry. The range that we offer has found much favour with interior designers, due to the stylish designs and vibrant colors. These tiles are extremely durable, resistant to cracking, chipping and abrasion. This is one of the primary reasons why our range is being used in various supermarkets, shopping arcades, banks, residential complexes and fast food restaurants.
Tuf Bloc ceiling tile is a multi purpose designed tile most ideally suited for false ceiling and stick on ceiling tile for instant application. A versatile insulation tile, most suitable for homes, showrooms, office complex, banks and hotels, available in snow white colour. Type of applications in false ceiling are: * Aluminium tee section framework, * Wooden framework concealed type, * Can be stuck directly to the underside of the roof, * Can be easily painted by brush or spray only with water based paints or emulsion as an advantage, * "Thermofrost" Ceiling Tile is a light weight, rigid Expanded Polystyrene containing 98% by volume still air entrapped in its millions of minute closed cells. * This explains its outstanding insulation properties and remarkable resistance to moisture, vapour penetration, making it the ideal low temperature insulation material with the best combination of its desirable properties.